Guest post: Jonathan Newby counts his calories


Well I’m properly back in the swing of things, back in the saddle so to speak (both literally and metaphorically), with holidays long forgotten and back fully engaged with finishing off the summer season at the Science Museum and planning for the autumn / winter programme. That said, this weekend’s forecast of nice weather may get me a little nostalgic and tempted to cycle across one of the parks to make me feel as if I’m back in the countryside.



It’s been a month since I became a Bike Hero, and apart from the vacation I really feel as if I’m getting into a routine with it all. Before picking up the Brompton I used to start each Monday with a pledge to cycle at least 3 times that week and feel satisfied if I managed 2. Determined to stay fit, I am aiming to cycle every day – although a trip to York tomorrow will mean that I’ll miss out at least one day this week. I have to confess that some days it’s only the short version of my bicycle commute – cycle to the train station and then on to the office from Victoria – but at least I’m doing something. And, despite the weather I am still managing quite a few of the longer 7 mile journeys as well. On average I’m doing between 45 and 50 miles a week, much more than I was before.


Now, working at the Science Museum I feel I need some data to demonstrate how much good all this exercise is doing me. Online research tells me that I’m burning around 500 – 700 calories a day through cycling, which is between 2,500 and 3,500 a week. Not bad, although not much visible evidence of and impact on my waistline! Still I’m feeling better for it and that’s just as important. The real challenge will be maintaining motivation as the temperature falls and the days get shorter.


Whilst I might be doing my general health and well being some good with all this cycling, there are a few nasty sections of road-works that I am assiduously avoiding at the moment from a safety point of view. One bit of the Brompton Road is particularly bike-unfriendly of late.


However, this gives me an excuse to cycle via a newly discovered back-route that has the advantage of a rarely seen but lovely view of the Brompton Oratory. Over the last few weeks, as I vary my route, I’m discovering all manner of hidden treasures around RBKC which adds to the delight of my daily commute.



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