A hero tries out not one, but two Electras!


We managed to find ourselves a Bikehero, who really is called Hero. She spent a bit of time testing Electras before deciding which one to get. We can assure you they’re all easy to ride and they look
amazing. But its definitely best to take your time to figure out which one is perfect for you as Hero demonstrates below…..


I have only started cycling in the big city fairly recently, at the beginning of the summer. I’ve lived in London for a few years now, but only got my nerve up to try cycling on these busy streets when my girlfriend and I moved south of the river to Camberwell, and decided we had no excuse not to learn to cycle to work.


Hero with the orange Electra cruiser


My own bicycle is a hybrid road bike, hand-me-down from my grandmother, adapted with a broken wire shopping basket found on the street, and brought down all the way from Aberdeen on the train. It works great – but it ain’t pretty. So I jumped at the chance to get an exciting new bike for two months!


My first ‘lend’ from the Council was super pretty, an awesome looking Dutch style Electra. I loved the look of it, but riding it back home from South Ken via Battersea Park worried me. With its vast handlebars, coaster brakes and no gears I felt I wouldn’t get much use out of it on the city streets… After one trip to Peckham Library, the pretty bike was relegated to making the back garden look good.


The orange Electra relegated to the garden


Recently, Bikeminded was able to arrange me a swap, so I have something good to write about! My current hero bike is a bright yellow Electra Amsterdam with a pattern of tulips, and (count ’em!) 3 gears. Initially unsure, this bike is a really smooth ride, and works surprisingly well as a commuting bike.


The shiny new Electra Amsterdam


I’ve been riding it happily to work for a few days each week, so this weekend we decided to go for a wander and take the bicycle to its natural habitat – Dulwich Village. There’s something about a comfy, upright bicycle to make you feel like a gentle cycle, to a place that makes you feel like you are in the middle of the English countryside (well, almost). There are LOADS of cyclists pottering about Dulwich. After a tasty lunch, we cycled around the park to admiring stares – mostly 8 year olds – and decided to  educate ourselves at the Dulwich Picture Gallery. Well, almost. Maybe we only looked at the outside.


Taking out the new Amsterdam on a ride


A potter home took us via Herne Hill, which surprisingly yielded a previously unknown knitting shop, and an interesting looking second hand bookshop. Exploring London on a bicycle definitely has the edge.

We asked Electra to give us  a few things to consider that will help you while you choose your bike.

PURPOSE Commuting? Burning calories? Joyriding? Find one that lives at the speed of you.
STYLE As important as anything. It’s got to be love at first sight.
ATTIRE There is no dress code, but if you’re biking in pants or a long skirt you might want a chainguard and fenders.
COMFORT We pride ourselves on having some of the most comfy bikes around. Not to brag, but we were awarded a patent for our Flat Foot Technology® that optimizes comfort and control. Even our more sporty bikes feel good, but
some are more laid back than others.
THINGS TO CARRY Laptop, groceries, beach towel? We’ve got racks, baskets and bags to help you out.
TIRES The 26” are all-purpose and cushy, while the 700c are faster-rolling road tires. Also check out the balloon tires for even more shock absorption.
GEARS You have a lot of options from the number of gears to the type of system (internal vs derailleur). Learn more on the GEARING OPTIONS page of the TECHNICAL section on
There are no rules. But if you keep these things in mind it will help you focus in on the bike that is perfect for you!

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