Best place to eat in Notting Hill… Gordon Peters divulges his secrets


Meet Gordon Peters, a bike hero and owner of some very successful clothing shops, including a t-shirt shop and hair salon at 47 Pembridge Road in Notting Hill. Today he shares his top tips.

You’ve got a fantastic shop on Pembridge Road, what inspired you to open it? I sold a few t-shirts from the back of my sofa, to friends and clients, 20 years ago, and they flew out. I opened a shop in Brighton, which is still there, and followed up with a shop here in Notting Hill.

Gordon Peters with his Brompton


We’re keen to share tips with our bikeminded community, do you have any routes you’d recommend in the Notting Hill area? The canal route is one of my favourites, joining it behind Sainsburys on Ladbroke Grove.

The Grand Union Canal by Sainsburys


And any tips for good places to eat? Eat Tokyo behind the cinema’s in Notting Hill, ( its a secret!)


What is your favourite thing about the Notting Hill area? The architecture and the parks and gardens.


What is best outfit for cycling? A body suit and cape are preferential.

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