Tips from David Lewis, Head Gardener at the Kensington Roof Gardens


David Lewis is the head gardener at the Kensington Roof Gardens, which just so happens to be one of the most spectacular gardens in London. Any garden with flamingos prancing about gets our vote. He is also one of our bike heroes and is testing out an Electra bike.

David Lewis, looking very stylish with his Electra at Kensington Roof Gardens


Riding the Electra means he’s returned to cycling after a few years off, and so we thought he was the perfect person to give new cyclists some tips. Here we share with you some words of wisdom from David.

Be courteous. Especially to bus and taxi drivers. We have a reputation to change as cyclists and our attitudes to other road users.


Use your bell. When there are people stepping off the curb while talking on the mobile or with headphones on. The sound of the bell is much more likely to be heard than shouting.


Wear a helmet. I have a very fetching blue on with orange go faster stripes.
We were only discussing that the person who makes a safe and good looking cycle helmet will make a fortune.


Take your time. Try not to be rushing when you set off and things seem much simpler on a bike.
Even saying this my journey time to work has been cut in half.


And its always nice to have some tips from an expert, so we asked David about where to find the best gardens in London- other than the Roof Gardens of course!

The rose garden in Regents Park


Middle Temple gardens at Lincolns Inns
Syon House
Richmond Park
Osterley Park
Regents Park
Queen Mother rose in Hyde Park


Thanks David!  And we look forward to hearing your tips about planting soon.


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