Are there haunted buildings in the Royal Borough?


Kensington and Chelsea has a rich historic past, including some well-known haunted sites according to Richard Jones. In his book Walking Haunted London the author compiles a list of the borough’s most haunted places, one of them being a cinema in Notting Hill.


Notting Hill's Coronet Cinema


The Coronet cinema started as a theatre, with its  beautiful Art Nouveau interior being one of its most striking features. In the early 20th Century, the theatre was hugely popular. One Christmas, a cashier was caught stealing money from the till .When her manager confronted her with the theft, the cashier fled the office, ran upstairs and threw herself from the balcony. In Jones’ accounts, after this unfortunate incident staff meetings which took place in the upper parts of the building were disturbed so much by her ghost that they had to be moved to offices located in lower parts of the building. Footsteps have been heard going up the stairs and objects have been inexplicably moved around. The cashier’s ghost is most active during Christmas week, which marks the cashier’s suicide.


So, what exactly is a ghost? Jerry Sherrick, a London medium and a poet, explains that ghosts “are spirits that have not accepted they are dead. They have to be led from darkness into the light”…



We’ll bring you details of more haunted sites in Kensington and Chelsea in the coming month, preparing you for our Ghost Tour on the 27th of October.

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