Guest post: our hero Henry Gregory


Henry Gregory owns a gorgeous antiques shop on Portobello Rd.  He decided to be one of our bike heroes and document his cycling adventures, both here in London and in the Isle of Wight where he’s been holidaying.


Here we catch up with what he has been doing since he picked up his Brompton, over to you Henry…


I collected the bike and it felt pretty cool to be at the photo shoot and to be part of young “swinging” London. I’m looking forward to lots of cycling and using my new bike!


My first week cycling around Notting Hill


The worst bought of Gout in my knees I have ever had, the photo shoot and the excitement seems a long way away now, but I have managed to make my new bike useful by cycling round the park to keep my knees exercised and it seems to be working rather well!


A week in the Isle of Wight


Off to the Isle of Wight for 5 days time to take the ole bike on Holiday… new experience I must say. The Brompton bike is a great success, though unfortunately for me St Helens is very hilly…. When the tide is out on the beach however I plan to cycle to Seaview with my wife Camy, (who has a far inferior bicycle of course…) to the old fort pub for a pint or two. It works very well on the beach and I haven’t fallen off yet!


The Brompton travels to the Isle of Wight

And now back home…

Quick cycle to the White Swan pub in Twickenham, buying some groceries for supper along the way.



Off to Notting Hill, Portobello road, popping in on my antique shop. The bike is very useful for cycling around checking on things and I’m off to an antique market the next day so we can see how it fares with my antiquing pals…


Perfect weather at 5am for buying antiques: rain and wind…. But my new bike has stood me well and has rested my knee. Off to see some friends for dinner on Portobello road and I’m planning to show off my bike. But unfortunately they are far more concerned with discussing the Cricket and lunch to look at my new bike, maybe next week….

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