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How has Jonathan Newby coped with the crazy weather of the past week? We head over to the Science Museum to find out in this week’s catch up with our bike hero…
“Returning from holiday is never much fun, but that dreaded first day back at work was made so much easier by cycling to work in the sunshine on Monday. I could just imagine myself still in lovely Devon, the rolling hills and beautifully tranquil high-sided country lanes.

Well, actually to imagine such a scene whilst commuting around Belgrave Square to the Science Museum would have needed me to shut my eyes which would have been just a little dangerous! Still, it was a nice way to ease back into things.

Jonathan Newby in Devon


As for Tuesday… yuk! What horrible rainy weather, and so humid and muggy …. not a day to be trudging along in wet-proofs. Still it was still much quicker than the public transport and, as I was reminded, still more bearable than a stuffy tube train. All day I was anxiously looking out of the window hoping it will stop, but no luck – more drizzle to cycle home in. And then, frustratingly, yet more rain this morning. The weather looks set to be rainy for much of the week, which is going to be a real challenge for this BikeHero. Normally wet and miserable days would see me happily abandoning the bike, truly a fair-weather cyclist. But with the Brompton I’m more determined to keep at it regardless of the weather.
One of the challenges is cycling clothing, what to wear on the bike: should I ride-in wearing a set of cycling clothes and then change into a suit at the office, facing the day refreshed? Or, embracing the freedom of the road and carrying as little as possible do I cycle in my suit and end up feeling just a little crumpled for that all-important 9:00 meeting? I feel similarly challenged by the helmet debate. From a safety point of view I know that I ought to, but I can’t help but enjoy the bracing feeling of the breeze in my (much receded) hair, and again it’s one less thing to carry.
On the whole I think I’m going for the minimalist approach, carry the least possible, hop on and off the bike with utmost ease and enjoy the freedom of the road, albeit a little creased around the edges. If only everyday could be as glorious as Monday!”


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