Meet the manufacturer: Will Butler-Adams from Brompton



Almost half of our heroes decided to ride Bromptons, and took great joy in visiting the factory and picking out their own bicycle. We see more and more of these snazzy folding bikes out on the streets of Kensington and Chelsea so thought it was time to meet the man behind the brand, Will Butler-Adams.


Tell us what is so special about Bromptons?
It makes life more fun, you find you have a bike just when you need it and whizz across parks, through back alleys to get to where you are going in good time and when you don’t want your Brompton you fold it up and it hides away.

Which model do you ride?
I have a 1988 M3R Brompton that I rescued from a skip at work. It was a ‘write off’ but I couldn’t see much wrong with it and so I changed the rear frame and have been using it ever since. My favourite model we have is the S2LX which is so simple and light it is a delight. I don’t own one of these (my wife does) but tend to use a marketing one when I need one.

Brompton has a very dedicated following, tell us about some of the ways Brompton riders can get involved with you?
The best way to get involved with us is to keep riding their bikes as this is really what we are all about. More than that if you want a real blast come along to the Brompton World Championships and see if you can beat me and some 800 other riders who will be flying round Blenheim Place riding their Brompton’s; no lycra, compulsory jacket & tie and a Le Mans start…a quintessentially British day out.

We saw that you’d produced a very stylish jacket, what was your inspiration behind that design?
We wanted one, it didn’t exist, so we made one.

What is your favourite place to ride your bike?
I love riding along the Cromwell Rd, past the Natural History Museum, Harrods, onto the Brompton Rd up across Hyde Park Corner, down Constitution Hill, in front of Buckingham Palace and into Central London. This is a route I take often from our factory and I am never board of it.

Why did you start cycling?
Because it was the quickest way to get to Dunnington to buy sweets when I was 5-6. I lived in Holtby and it was about a 2 mile ride, I loved the independence, excitement and sweets!

What is the best thing about cycling?
It is a cliché but it makes you feel good and there are not enough things in life today that are so simple yet give such enjoyment.

What is the most interesting thing to have happened to you on your bike?
There is no most interesting thing, I just love cycling and it is always interesting.

What advice would you give to a new cyclist?
Take up the road when riding your bike, this way you will be seen by cars and they will have to ‘overtake’ you. If you huge the curb too closely the car may be inclined to squeeze past and you will be the one being squeezed.

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