Meet the manufacturer: Shaun Moulton of Moulton Bicycles



We’re very excited here at Bikeminded to tell you about our new project. We’re working with some bicycle manufacturers to loan out some brand new, shiny bikes to some local residents and workers. Over the next couple of days we’re going to introduce you to the manufacturers, the first of which is boutique British brand Moulton. These bikes are just beautiful. We took one out for a week and were constantly stopped by people asking about it. Over to Shaun…

Tell us what is so special about Moultons? In three words, speed, acceleration and comfort.

The Moulton is engineered to give the most comfortable and efficient ride, (but structurally we like to think that it is a work of art) which can be used for super-long distance (we have completed Race Across America), speed events (the bicycle holds a world speed record) and commuting (will soak up pot-holes due to its suspension, whilst being able to out-sprint many large-wheeled alternatives) and it separates into two halves in less than a minute to go in the boot of a car or take on a train or plane.

Which model do you ride? The new Moulton Speed.

What is your favourite place to ride your bike? The Northwest coast of Scotland.

Why did you start cycling? I was given a Moulton bicycle on my 7th birthday.

What is the best thing about cycling? Health giving exercise at speed with short periods of hard effort and long cruising respites whilst being able to see for miles.

What advice would you give to a new cyclist? Don’t be afraid of distance, it is amazing how much ground you can cover in a relatively short time and hills get easier with the miles!

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