Interview of the week: Anthony Lau from CycleHoop


Anthony with his first cyclehoop


Anthony is the bright spark who came up with a way of making our bikes safer when we leave them out in the street. He invented the Cyclehoop, which attaches to sign posts and stops a thief from coming along and lifting your bike up and off the post. We now have over 200 in Kensington and Chelsea, with a total of 1000 across London. He’s agreed to give us some tips on keeping our bikes safe.


How did you get the idea for the Cyclehoop?
A few years ago, I had my bicycle stolen. It was locked to a signpost but the thief simply lifted it over the top of the pole! This inspired me to design the Cyclehoop which prevents this problem, as well helping to stop parked bicycles from sliding down the pole and at the same time helping to reduce street clutter. The idea subsequently won the ‘Reinventing the Bike Shed’ design competition.


How can a cyclist best avoid getting their bike stolen?
- Use two good locks when parking your bicycle. Spend at least £30 on getting a decent D-lock
- Always lock the frame and wheels to the stand
- Don’t forget to remove your lights or secure your seat and wheels (especially if they have a quick release)


Is there anywhere you would never lock your bike or anything you wouldn’t lock it to?
- Never park your bike in an area hidden from view as thieves trying to steal your bike wouldn’t be seen!
- Don’t lock your bike to old cast iron railings as they are brittle and can easily be smashed
- Last but not least, always lock a bike to a signpost that has a Cyclehoop


What advice would you give to a new cyclist?
- Always respect other road users and don’t jump red lights!
- Be careful when riding in traffic, always look out for vehicles turning at junctions
- Cycle safely and don’t squeeze between vehicles


What kind of bike/bikes do you ride?
I have a few bikes depending on the where I am going:
-A KHS Folding bike when I need to commute on the train
-A fixed gear bike I built for cruising around town
-A Boardman road bike for the countryside


Do you have a favourite place to ride in London?
Riding around the Notting Hill area


What is your favourite thing about riding a bike?
Its quicker than buses or the tube, keeps me fit, and best of all its free!


What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened to you whilst riding your bike?
I did a somersault and crashed whilst trying avoid another cyclist. It was very painful but I had my lid.

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