Guest post: style tips from our expert at Aime


Aimee is one stylish bike hero. We’ve enlisted her, as someone new to cycling, to update us on her wardrobe decisions as she takes to two wheels and what she thinks makes the perfect outfit to cycle in.

“With our summer weather insisting on being so temperamental, it is difficult to predict how to dress when braving the bike commute to work. For the last week I have found that the answer is loose layering. They do a great job of keeping you warm, yet don’t cause you to over-heat by being too ‘clingy’. For cyclists that have to look their best at work, working up a sweat is not the aim of the day!


This rule also works for skirts, as the less restrictive they are (sorry pencil skirts), the more comfortable you are, as well as maintaining a good level of dignity. If you’re braving it in a short skirt, a sensible girl’s secret is to wear little shorts underneath.

In the look below I have implemented these ideas into a dressed down ‘vintage’ inspired ensemble. The loose fitted blouse and jumper create comfortable layers, and the skirt is in keeping with the theme. I have teamed the look with Superga trainers, which are perfect for keeping an outfit casual without sacrificing style.

Look One


In the next look I have gone for bold colour to match my bold bike! Again the top is loose and unrestrictive. Cotton trousers are perfect for this time of year when a skirt would be too cold and jeans would be too stiff. Bright coloured trousers are really on trend at the moment, and cotton ones are the best as they are so comfortable and keep you cool on warmer days.

Look Two

If you have a bike as pretty as an Electra, then you know that these bikes speak for themselves when it comes to looking fashionable in the city. Therefore, sometimes the best outfit is the simplest. A white tee and denim shorts will always look fresh and effortless. For the skirt-shy, shorts are a great way to allow your legs some sun. It is also worth investing in a bag with a long strap to wear across the body, if your bike doesn’t have a basket.

Look Three

Many bikes make it easy for cyclists to ride in all kinds of shoes, including heels, but if you’re like me then you will know that there’s nothing better than a decent pair of trainers. These Liberty print Nike Blazers are fantastic, and keep the sporty footwear fun and girly! They also happen to go very well with my Electra Om bike.

Nike Trainers


These are just some simple style tips concluded from my last week of cycling but there will be more to come very soon!”


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