Is cycling good for you? Find out from our expert, Cheyne Voss


Cheyne Voss is a superb physiotherapist. We here at Bikeminded HQ can vouch for that as he is currently sorting out our body niggles. He runs Ten Physio up in Notting Hill and is the expert behind our ‘looking after you’ pages here at Bikeminded. He jumped at the chance of being a bike hero and testing out a brand new Electra Townie.

Cheyne with his Electra


Today he shares his tips about keeping your body in tip top condition.
What is your earliest cycling memory? I have an elder brother, when he had his trainer wheels taken off his bike, I had to have mine taken off. I remember having some epic crashes.
You are new to cycling in London, how is it going so far? Other than riding on the Boris bikes my Electra is the first real bike I have rode in London, and what an upgrade it is. My ‘grey retro’ as I like to call it gets a lot of second glances. At first I thought people were checking me out, but no, turns out they like my bike.

David Higgins takes on Cheyne in the strength race...


Cheyne and his Electra... bit heavier than Dave's Moulton so he might have won that one!


Do you have any tips for other new cyclists in London? From a Physiotherapist’s perspective, the most important thing that you can do is get your bike set up properly before you start, especially the seat height. If you have the seat too low when the pedal comes to the top of its arc you will have a bigger flexion angle (bend) of your knee which puts added pressure under your knee cap, which eventually can cause pain.
What is your favourite place to cycle to in Kensington and Chelsea? My favourite ride in Kensington and Chelsea, if not in the world is around Hyde Park. No cars, open spaces and lots of greenery.

Cheyne's Townie in Hyde Park


How effective is cycling as a way for our bikeminded readers to keep fit? Cycling is a great way to keep fit, especially for those people who are unable to run because of knee or foot ankle problems. The cardiovascular and other health benefits of raising your heart rate and getting some blood pumping around your body during a regular commute vs sitting on a London tube is massive.
I find getting up first thing in the morning and heading to work on my Electra makes me feel so much more refreshed and ready to start the day. Also heading home in the evening it is an excellent way to wind down and clear your head after a busy day in the office.
What is the one stretch that is most important for preventing cycling injuries? Generally with cycling the muscle that gets the tightest is the Piriformas, a muscle in your buttock. It is important to stretch this out after cycling by placing one foot onto your opposite knee and either pushing the knee away or pulling it towards.

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  1. Alex says:

    Jun 19, 2012


    Thanks for the information. I wonder whether indoor cycling on an exerciser produces the same effect? Would you recommend people buying one of these indoor bikes?
    I mean, most of the time people are too busy, so having one of those at home is good coz you can jump on it like any free minute you have.

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